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Hi guys! I thought that I'd give this a whirl - for your convenience, here is my ZayFireAdopts wishlist! 


I will admit I don't particularly like getting adoptables, because I currently have too many to use and too many I want to use (my private Google Docs of adopts/stats is 40 pages long!). However, I will add the caveat that I much prefer adoptable prizes which have a reason to be there and already fit into the larger storyline, as opposed to ones which are just handed to me. For example, when I was given Locke as a quest prize, it was because Obsidian had worked throughout the quest to find a potion to turn him back into a Shoushinuki, as he had been transformed into a Bat of the Desert. He was an amazing prize for me to get, because it already gave Locke a role to play in the story (that of Obsidian's lackey), a history, and character development with my other adopts, as opposed to just being a random design I get handed at the end of the quest. 

That being said, planning out something like that from the get-go takes a lot of effort, and I'm going to be grateful for any prize I get, so don't feel under any obligation to give me the exact sort of free stuff I want ;w;

Companions are a little different, because they work to develop an adopt I already own, so I'm always looking for those - again, better if they have a reason to be there, but not as necessary in their case. 

Here are species I really like, but don't own yet:

Eminite, Anti-KisumeNightflutter, Lemma (idk where the new lineart is, but there you go), Pengrin, Airiga (Companion Adopt), Golden Feltcher (also a Companion Adopt)

Uh, as for color combos, I like designs based off of nature (flowers, birds, butterflies and other arthropods, etc) with a twist based on the designer's discretion. I'm pretty open to whatever as far as designs go if I can be inspired to tell a good story with it, but that's a largely case-by-case basis. Not a large fan of super bright colors unless as markings, or in special cases. The only thing I am really against in designs is straight grey as a base or marking. Boy, do I dislike straight grey - just make it a tinted grey, like blue-grey, if it is a part of your vision :heart: (And again, I will never begrudge a gift, so these are more optional guidelines than rules).


I always love items, going along with my theme of preferring to further develop/improve the adoptables I already own rather than take on new ones. I don't have a preference which items I get, because I'll probably be able to find a fun an interesting use for it as some point - unless it's an item that just gives me another adopt. That defeats the purpose!

Armor? Sweet! Magical rings or whatsits? Awesome! Smoothies that do something crazy? Tasty! I'm pretty open to items of all sorts. 


Don't want to take the time to make me anything as a quest prize? No problem, feel free to give me some stats! While not a particularly interesting option, I do love stats. Seeing the numbers on my adopts get bigger makes me happy, which is why I still log in every day to train my Neopets. :P

Abilities: Abilities are like stats but better, because they will make future quests with my adoptables more dynamic, but don't take a lot of effort to make! Plus, learning a new ability could be an interesting aspect of the quest, for example, when Migard learned "Arms of Energy." A lot of my adopts are a little light on abilities right now, so they are always appreciated, especially if they have interesting effects as opposed to straight damage.

Art: I love art of my characters ;w; But I realize it takes a lot of time and effort, so I don't expect it as a quest prize. 

I think that's about it! I'll add in new things as I think of them.


aka Laz
Artist | Student | Literature
United States

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