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PoD PDs -Dragonap by LifeError
Hi guys! This is where I'll keep track of the adopts I've gotten from :iconplace-of-dreams:, as well as their... relationship statuses? Feel free to inquire about them in the comments; maybe we can set up a friendship or relationship! Ideally, I'd like to have two of each species (excluding children as a result of breedings of my adopts with others'), a male and a female.

Characters are arranged alphabetically by species, then by name.


Dragonap - Rampha by DancingWithDreams
Name: Rampha
Age: Teenager
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Personality: The exit of Rampha through the portal with Castor closed for good the peaceful chapter of Rigel's life. Though intelligent for his age, Castor is still young and impressionable, and immediately looked to the older Rampha is a role model in place of the Professor - which the Dragnie uses to her fullest advantage. Not malicious, but a terrible prankster at heart, the Dragnie often conscripts the Kellan into co-conspirator for all of her schemes, whether that be catching frogs in the marsh and releasing them in Rigel's study or picking the lock to the sweets pantry. She holds little interest in learning the mechanics of the world (much to Rigel's dismay) unless she can find some way to turn the information to her advantage. As showy and flighty as she seems (and coupled with that infectious Dragnie grin), however, if you can find some way to make her sit still long enough, you'll find her constant pranks have given her an unparalleled knowledge of others and their emotions, making her a surprisingly apt mediator and giver of advice (a good thing, as many conflicts she mediates are disputes of her own invention). Together, the three make a discordant but strangely endearing family; the serious young Kellan, the tricky Dragnie, and the austere Voidling.
Status: Single, but not interested in a relationship for a long time.
Art: None yet!

Dragonap - Lucius by DancingWithDreams
Name: Lucius
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Orientation: Asexual, though not necessarily aromantic, if you wanna get technical.
Personality: If you asked a casual observer to describe Lucius, the first thing they would say is that flowers appear to spring from his very paws – they’d be only partially correct. While it is true that plants of all varieties follow this Leopracius wherever he goes, they are the product of hard work and careful study in their cultivation, not any magical ability. Lucius can often be found in the early mornings and evenings working in his garden before and after the sun has grown prohibitive, and he often seems more at home there than in most social situations. One has only to mention plants to see the formerly reserved Leopracius bloom with enthusiasm, but be prepared for a long-winded story if you do so!
Lucius’s love of plants is facilitated by his genial (in spite of his blood-red eyes), if occasionally anxious, nature – quick with judgments only where pruning technique is concerned, you can rest assured that those who the time to know the Leopracius will be rewarded with a loyal friend.
Status: Single, but closed as far as mateship for now. 
Art: None yet!

Dragonap - TBN by LifeError
Name: ???
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Orientation: ???
Personality: ???
Status: ???
Art: None yet!

Dragonap - Aureil by DancingWithDreams
Name: Aureil
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Orientation: ???
Personality: Aureil moves through life with the quiet confidence of one who has always gotten what she wants and will use her wits and charm to continue to do so. While most would have become spoiled as a result, Aureil (though somewhat bossy, when the occasion demands) has remained relatively down-to-earth, preferring to ask little of others that she can do herself, and sit back and observe instead. Her even temperament is due largely in part to the influence of her younger brother Gavin. His contrasting personality has often made her reconsider her own place in the world, putting into perspective the benefits her beauty and poise give her where otherwise she might have taken them for granted.
               Despite all her charms, Aureil is not entirely content – her ability to modify her personality to meet the demands of the social situation she’s in (a trait she refers to as “acting,” developed so she can seem as generically likeable to those around her as possible) often prevents others from seeing her true depth of character; she is isolated, and when not with her brother, spends much of her time alone. It is usually up to nature – a path through a sun-dappled forest, a creek burbling through the mountains – to ease her growing fear that her life remains largely lonely and unfilled.
Status: Single and looking, if hesitantly, for a companion who she can be herself around.
Aureil Sketch by Dragonap Autumn by Dragonap


Dragonap - Gavin by DancingWithDreams
Name: Gavin
Age: Older Teen
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Personality: Though sweet deep down, Gavin's long-built insecurities about his strange nose and tail have made him somewhat standoffish. Quick to point out other's faults to cover up his own, and slow to warm up to others, Gavin is lonelier than he secretly desires. A stranger put off by his belligerence (sometimes even to the point of bullying) would be surprised to see the generosity and openness with which he approaches a true friend, one of them being his older sister, Aureil. Gavin looks up to her as only a younger brother with no other guiding forces in his life can, and they can often be found having long discussions along winding forest paths or watching the world pass about them.
Status: Single and hoping for someone who will love him in spite of his appearance (TBH I love him because of it but the point's moot). Probably not interested in children as of now. 
Adult Gavin Sketch by DragonapGavin Sketch by DragonapMibbit Fanart by Dragonap

-Teacup Kellan- 

Dragonap - Castor by DancingWithDreams
Name: Castor (Nickname Tori)
Age: Child
Gender: Male
Orientation: N/A
Personality: If eyes are truly the window to the soul, a quick look into Castor's will show you an individual at odds. A child far more serious than his years should warrant, he has a quick mind and a keen grasp of logic. Under Rigel the Voidling's care and protection, the little Kellan is growing into a precocious learner. However, Castor finds ways to apply concepts about the natural and mechanical world the Voidling has taught him to the realm of magic. Claiming to sense spirits around every corner and mathematically proving the flight capability of faeries' wings drives his tutor to no end of annoyance, not least of all because his arguments are solid throughout. For now, Castor's imagination and reason seem as indivisible as they are contradictory - a fact which Rigel usually takes with good nature, knowing it cannot be disputed.  
Status: Single, and still wary of Puellus virulentus, the cootie virus.
Art: None yet!

Dragonap - Velveteen by LifeError
Name: Velveteen
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Personality: Much like the stuffed rabbit from the old novel, Velveteen longs to be alive. Already lucky enough to be a flesh-and-blood creature, however, her desire takes the form of a passionate yearning to experience all life has to offer. Be it the highest mountain peak, lowest valley, the subtle scent of cinnamon wafting from a morning mug of hot cocoa, or the vast palette of emotions sentient beings are privy to, this TurTur aims to live them all. Don't underestimate her based on her unassuming, quiet nature or sweet temperament - still waters run deep, and the inner conviction and passion that stirs beneath her surface speaks to the breadth of experience she hopes to one day acquire.
Status: Single and open to the idea of a relationship; will have children with a permanent mate.
Art: None yet!


Dragonap - Mistral by DancingWithDreams
Name: Mistral
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Orientation: Likes to keep her options open.
Personality: Capricious and energetic, Mistral flies from place to place with the recklessness of the winds she's named for. Though she tries to appear stately and composed, this facade is all too apt to crumble all to quickly when she catches sight of something interesting or exciting. Headstrong and not quick to change her course once she's set her mind on something, Mistral is fiercely loyal to those close to her and will defend them even if they (or she) are the ones at fault. 
Status: Single, but not looking for a relationship... might not be averse to a fling.
Art: None yet!

Dragonap - Rigel by DancingWithDreams
Name: Rigel
Age: Old Adult (What's the opposite of young adult? Between middle-aged and senior?)
Gender: Male
Orientation: ???
Personality: Always preoccupied with his work, Rigel can oftentimes seem as distant as the star he was named after. This Voidling may be getting on in years, but he's still just as energetic as he was when he was young, and loves to throw himself into studying for days at a time. Take the time to talk to him, and you'll find he is a wealth of knowledge on language, history, architecture, you name it - but it might be hard to get him to acknowledge your presence in the first place, especially if he's deep into a good book!
Status: His first love is research, but feel free to try if you are so inclined.
Art: None yet!


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