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Borrowed from exdog/doroling/DarlingJess uwu

Ok since doing this I realized I'm in love with every design ever made? And I spent way too long on this?

Bolded = Ultimate Favorite
Underlined = Ultimate Un-Favorite

I'll preface this by saying I take designs on a case-by-case basis, much like I do music (I have a few songs I like from a variety of different styles, I won't turn my nose up at something automatically because it's "Country" or "Rap," etc., however, there are definite themes that I enjoy in designs, and I think it will be valuable (at least for me) to articulate them here! Especially if I ever do a design commission or design trade with someone else.

Just 'cause something is listed under my "Don'ts' doesn't mean I won't like a design that incorporates those elements, but I think in a general sense I won't be as inclined towards it.

I'm gonna add some examples from my "Design Favorites" folder to illustrate the things I do really like here. The vast majority aren't mine or owned by me, just creations from others I've collected over the years for inspiration. Please check out all of these lovely artists!

General Feel

  • Either Feral or Human/Humanoid
  • A simple yet creative theme executed well. It doesn't have to be complicated to be elegant! 
  • Natural colors and markings
  • Furry Anthro - As seen above, I generally prefer one or the other. I'm not super good at drawing the middle-ground
  • Not into that punk aesthetic

Species Preferences

  • Griffins
  • Dragons 
  • Cervids and many other hoofed mammals (bovines such as goats and bison)
  • Birds, esp. birds of prey/owls, corvids 
  • Creatures/monsters
  • Big cats
  • Moth or butterfly-inspired touches such as wings + antennae
02 Owl Griffins - OPEN by Tawnee-Owl Shiny things - deer adoptables {CLOSED} by SmolderBoneAdoptober: Celestial Taolan by Sheylu

  • Pokemon
  • Wolves and Dogs - Meh, just not my jam. I do like canines with "interesting" body types, such as foxes or maned wolves
  • Horses - I love horse designs, but couldn't see myself ever... owning one, if that makes sense?
  • MLP - there are so many MLP designs I adore, but I don't really have a context or universe they could fit in if I bought them!

Body Type Preferences

  • Add some spider legssss
  • Elegant, willowy
  • Stocky too
  • Eh, I'm fine with pretty much anything
  • Light gore is awesome, such as partially exposed skulls or ribs, but nothing too "over-the-top"
  • Too smol - I like creatures that I could conceivably draw in some detail/semi-realistically if I wanted to
  • Too muscley (you don't want me to try and figure out muscle anatomy)
  • Eyeless/blind creatures
  • ...tentacles/jellyfish feelers...

Color/Theme Preferences

Uh, note... not all at the same time.
  • Gold accents with anything! - Gold and black, gold and brown, pale gold, gold and wine red, gold and blue... *continues listing colors with gold*
  • Other metallic accents such as silver and copper
  • Natural colors, esp. drawn from real animals or plants
  • Beige/cream
  • Blues and purples, esp. unsaturated
  • Autumn themes, muted "fire" colors
  • Wintery themes
  • Space/stellar themes
  • Iridescence
  • "Pastel Goth"
Herocris - DEAFHPN by shadowthecat971[ American Hero ] by DancingWithDreams Mothcats Advent Day 25: Fluffy Reindeer by dorolingEnd of Autumn Goulong Flatsale! CLOSED by lycchiiAria and Sleepsong by burrdogMid-Summer Feonix by Tatchit Chai by exdogshadowthecat971 - Alvaro by DancingWithDreams

  • GREY! Maybe as an accent, and that's not to say it can't be done well, but I can't stand unsaturated grey as a base color!
Greeyyyyyy by Dragonap
  • Bright yellow as a main color
  • Come to think of it, most supersaturated colors (see the top-right corner of the color picker above)
  • Lime green (Sarine is an exception 'cause homegirl owns it)
  • Swampy colors
  • Colors too dark for me to shade competently
  • Neon - unless for specific markings that sometimes glow or something

Marking Preferences

  • Stripes, fancy stripes
  • Scale markings 
  • "Celtic"
  • Tribal markings
  • Fawn spots
  • Natural/based off existing animals or plants/flowers - but, you know, with your own spin on it!
  • "Patches" of colors
  • Freckles
  • Bioluminescence/glowing markings
  • Systematic complexity - I am fine with fairly complex markings as long as there is a rhyme and reason to them, or a pattern that is fundamentally easy to replicate
[ Tori Ramleo ] by DancingWithDreamssilent night  dec19 by oukamiyoukai45Fitch Batch by SheyluLucky Custom - Fxerie by burrdogComm: Crimson Snow QuillDog Design by MischievousRavenFlairt (Hai) by DEAFHPN
  • Natural markings mixed with artificial lines in a non-intuitive way
  • Straight lines or harsh edges, too many geometric shapes
  • Plaid as a marking (fine for clothing)
  • Polka dots (not so cool in clothing)
  • Messy, "random-looking" or overly-complex

Clothing/Accessories Preferences

Man, I don't really care too much if it's impractical for that animal or person to wear or put on as long as it's not egregious and looks cool. There aren't a lot of things that I don't like. ...Yeah, I'll just be over here pretending that my deer/kangaroo hybrid can hold a fancy sword.

I'm super bad at accessories so all the wonderful clothes people come up with for their designs just astound me!
  • Flowers - Especially paler/relatively unsaturated colors (dusky roses, etc)
  • Feathers (as a component of the creature as well)
  • Jewelry
  • Flowing, Hooded Cloaks, Caplets
  • Scarves
  • Knit Sweaters/Turtlenecks
  • Braids in manes or hair
  • Lace
  • Embroidery
  • Armor pieces/metal, though not necessarily "full plate"
  • Bells
  • Paisley
AliceTheHunted - Fey by DancingWithDreamsfox commission by oukamiyoukai45 Lavender Fawn Weaver Auction! /closed by bananamantisAdoptable Character Auction 4(closed) by LaminaNatisome poufs by tyronniesaur
  • Uh... rain boots?
  • Wrappings everywhere
  • Overly "sci-fi" aesthetic
  • Belts that don't make sense/have a purpose on feral characters.

Miscellaneous Preferences

  • Vibrant/striking eyes or pupils, especially when paired with natural/comparatively unsaturated colors
  • In that same vein, deliberate instances of bright color in otherwise neutral designs
  • Fluffy manes/ruffs, like not fluffy everywhere but pointed use of fluff power
  • Spiiiikkkkes, antlers
  • Dragonfly wings
  • Glowey fiery magic/energy and stuff
  • Scales
  • Fish fins/frills
  • I'm gonna put spider legs on here again
  • Folded ears
Guardian by TatchitSpooky Couvere #2! [CLOSED] by TornTethersNightBeast Adopt CLOSED by Kel-DelTribreed Pup 002 by DEAFHPN
  • Too many holes my trypophobia pls
  • Seed/egg things like on Sceptile argghhh or pustules
  • Food designs.
  • Long/bunny ears
  • Ooze
  • Heterochromia or drastically different eyes (esp. when on a many-eyes creature)


aka Shrike
Artist | Student | Literature
United States

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